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Purchasing and collecting old cars is a popular hobby and a national pastime for many old and new car enthusiasts.

However, buying and owning an old Classic, Hot Rod or Muscle Car is an "expensive" hobby and "significant" overall investment. Looks are not everything and buying an older car with the wrong drive train set-up or lacking authenticity in parts can make the difference between, enjoying that new hobby or loosing thousands and thousands of dollars in unforeseen costs!

Even, a fully restored and pristine car will require regular ongoing service, repairs, rare/customized parts and maintenance that are all very expensive!

As the prices of these cars continue to rise and these prized vehicles become more and more scarce, the chances of buying someone else's "nightmare" are a reality. An initial consultation and evaluation fee is always a smart investment for any buyer. An informed buyer is a smart buyer. Even if you don't end up making a purchase, the overall "savings" of not spending a large sum of money on the wrong car is well worth the consultation cost.

Also, we are offering consultation and evaluation services for those who already own their car and want consultation insight into upgrade and modification options.

Contrary to belief, the majority of performance information found now a day's via the internet is almost always useless, incorrect and with minimal information. This has created a demand for experts who are knowledgeable and experienced in the old school auto performance field and who can provide accurate and honest information.

Our experienced performance drive train specialist and authentic original old school car connoisseur, can provide you with the information you need to allow you to make an informed decision and better understand what potential future costs and obstacles you may encounter. Having this insight will better prepare you for owning and driving one of these memorable and highly sought after cars.

Mike or "Rocket" as he is also called, has been working in the automotive and performance field for 40 years and his experience and knowledge of old cars is unsurpassed and almost impossible to find in today's modern car scene.

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Consultation and evaluation fees are based on various factors. (location, vehicle, conditions, length of consultation and other unique to vehicle variables). All consultations and evaluations are visually conducted and are only relevant to the current and existing condition of the vehicle that is being evaluated. Any potential upgrades, improvements or modification recommendations are based on trends, general information, availability and subject to change without notice. Recommendations for potential modifications and upgrades are provided in a basic general understanding (i.e. external engine size, engine make, transmission automatic/manual and misc standard performance enhancement options). Due to the complexity of performance work; data on specific drive train internal components, build specs, gear ratio combinations, manufacturers or exact part number information is not provided as part of our consultation and evaluation services. Consultation and evaluations are based on our experience, subjective and for informational purposes only and are not to be considered or construed as an actual mechanical inspection or assessment of value. No guarantees are expressed or implied as to value, authenticity and overall condition of any vehicle we consult and evaluate.