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We are a true "Performance Shop" and all of our work is custom. Our performance engines are built onsite by our expereinced engine builder, who has been in the automotive performance sector for many, many YEARS.

All of our engines are turnkey and built to custom specs.

In additon, to our full performance engines we offer what we call our "Enhanced" stock engine builds, which are slightly lesss aggressive than our performance engines, but are still not your basic stock engine. These "enhanced stock" engines have "upgraded components". They should NOT be compared in quality OR price to a basic, standard, run of the mill machine shop style engine. (sorry, but we do not offer those basic, low end engines).

All of our engines are "individually" custom built to their best respective performance and tone blend, commensurate with the engine size/build and set up.

We provide only superior quality work along with great customer service.

*Refresh and/or rebuild of your original stock engine.

*Upgrade and customize your stock engine.

*New crate engine customizing and upgrades.

*High performance custom engine work.

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Buick Nail Head Dual quad Buick NailHead Dual Quad

Buick Nail Head

Chevy 327

Chevy 350

Chevy 355

Chevy 383

Chevy 396 HP

Chevy 396

Chevy 400

Chevy 406

Chevy Roller 406

Chevy Vortec 406

Chrysler 318

Chrysler 383

Ford 300 Straight 6

Ford 390

Ford Flat Head 4 Cylinder

Hudson Hollywood

Oldsmobile 455

Oldsmobile 350 Rocket

Pontiac 389

Pontiac 400

Pontiac 455

Chiefton Straight 8

Volkswagon Stroker


Listen and see some of our recent builds

on our You Tube channel.

Follow us on facebook